About Automatic Coax & Cable

Automatic Coax & Cable is a woman-owned and veteran-owned company located in Central Florida.

Automatic Coax & Cable is a woman-owned company located in Central Florida. We specialize in contract manufacturing, the production of custom cable assemblies, wiring harness assemblies, control panels, control systems, and electronic assemblies. We use equipment and components that are RoHS (lead-free) compliant and we have in-house IPC 620 Certified Trainers on staff to ensure quality work.

Automatic Coax & Cable has been in business since 1988. The owners, managers and support staff have extensive industry experience and are committed to partnering with our customers to ensure mutual growth. Our current customer base includes small companies as well as large corporations and spans most of the US - including some international accounts.

Our Markets

Automatic Coax & Cable serves a wide variety of industries including:  Aerospace, Antenna Communications, Automotive, Camera / Photography / Visual Industries, Commercial, Department of Defense, Department of State, GPS and Mobile Tracking, Industrial, Instrumentation, Law Enforcement, Medical, Military, Test Equipment, Video and Wireless industries as well as many more.

Getting the Job Done Right

Cables and wiring harness assemblies are usually one of the last items to be specified in new products (and often with short lead times). We are prepared and committed to regularly solving the problems this can create by blending just the right level of automation and lean manufacturing. Our unique approach allows us to quickly and cost-effectively build products from initial prototype runs straight through to our customers' daily production requirements.

We use the finest equipment:

"I am committed to serving our customers and providing them with the highest quality products in the most efficient manner.  We are continually improving our process systems and ensuring our personnel are properly trained for complete customer satisfaction."

Glenda Martinet, President
Automatic Coax & Cable Inc
Compliance Certifications
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ISO 9001:2015


Woman Owned Business

Underwriters Laboratories
Certification #E147592
Manufacturing Department:    
  • AMP Automatic Cut/Strip/Terminate Equipment

  • AMP Stripper/Crimpers

  • Production Automation Equipment

  • Complete Daniels Line

  • Eubanks Cut & Strip

  • Automatic Tie-Wrapping Equipment

  • Custom Presses

  • Light Boxes for Termination

  • 3-M Tooling

  • JST Presses

  • Resistance & Hipot Electrical Testing

  • Cirrus & Cablescan Testers

  • JST Automatic Insertion/Termination

  • Mfg. Bar-Coding Systems

  • Hot Stamping Equipment

  • Custom Thermal Marking Equipment

  • Komax Cut & Strip Machinery

  • Molex Stripper/Crimpers

  • Schleuniger Stripper/Crimpers

  • Schleuniger Auto Coax Strippers

Injection Molding Department: Quality Department: Quality Gauges:
  • In-House Tool & Die

  • Computer Controlled Molding Machines

  • Potting and Curing Ovens

  • CNC Mold-Making Capability

  • Injection Shuttle Press

  • Lathes

  • Mills

  • Optical Comparator

  • Inspection Microscopes with Video

  • Inter-test

  • Traceability Software

  • Dial Indicator with Granite Base

  • Bore Mic

  • Pull-Test & Destruction Testers

  • Calipers

  • Pin

  • Height

  • Snap

  • Ring

  • Thickness

  • Radius

  • Thread

  • Depth

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