Coaxial Cables

A Few Types of Coax Cables We Use:
  • RG 179A/U

  • RG 142B/U

  • RG 188A/U

  • RG 213A/U

  • RG 214A/U

  • RG 223/U

  • RG316

  • RG 55B/U

  • RG 59B/U

  • RG 62A/U

  • LMR 400

  • LMR 240

  • RG 400

  • RG 174A/U

  • RG 178B

  • RG 405

  • RG 58/U

  • RG 59

  • RG 8A/U

  • Semi-Rigid

At Automatic Coax and Cable, we can provide:
  • BNC Bulkhead

  • BNC Male & Female

  • BNC Right Angle

  • C Male & Female

  • D Male & Female

  • DIN Male & Female

  • DIN Right Angle

  • D-Sub Plug

  • D-Sub Receptacle

  • F Male & Female

  • FME Jack

  • FME Plug

  • HN Male & Female

  • LC Male

  • MC-Card Plug

  • MC-Card Right Angle

  • MCX Male & Female

  • MCX Plug

  • MCX Right Angle

  • Mini D-Sub

  • Mini UHF Male & Female

  • Mini-DIN

  • MMCX Plug

  • MMCX Right Angle

  • N Bulkhead

  • N Male & Female

  • N Right Angle

  • Push-On SMA Male & Female

  • Quick Disconnect SMA Male & Female

  • RCA Male & Female

  • Reverse Polarity SMA

  • Reverse Polarity TNC

  • Reverse Thread SMA

  • Reverse Thread SMAMHV Male & Female

  • SC Male & Female

  • SHV Male & Female

  • SMA 2 Hole Panel Mount

  • SMA 4 Hole Panel Mount

  • SMA Bulkhead

  • SMA Male & Female

  • SMA Right Angle

  • SMB Bulkhead

  • SMB Male & Female

  • SMB Right Angle

  • SMC Bulkhead

  • SMC Male & Female

  • SMC Right Angle

  • SMP Male & Female

  • SSMA Male & Female

  • SSMA Right Angle

  • SSMB Male & Female

  • SSMB Right Angle

  • TNC Male & Female

  • TNC Right Angle

  • UHF Male & Female



    Click images below to view full size photo:
SMA to Sensors with RG 316 Cable Female SMA with RG 316 Cable GPS Antenna SMA Right Angle to SMA Right Angle with RG 316 N Female Bulkhead to SMA Right Angle Male with RG 316
SMB to SMB Right Angle with RG 316 Cable Antenna Cable Female SMA with RG 316 Coax RG 316 cable with SMA N Male to TNC Male with RG 316
SMA Female Bulkhead to SMA Bulkhead with RG 316 Multi Leg Coax Assembly TNC Bulkhead to SMA Right Angle with RG 316 Cable Radio Antenna Cable SMB Right Angle to SMB with RG 178
SMB to SMB Right Angle with RG 316 Cable SMB to SMB Gold Right Angle with RG 316 Cable BNC connectors with RG 179 cable SSMB to TNC Bulkhead with RG 174 Cable BNC Right Angle Plug to SMB Right Angle Plug

Coaxial or Coax Cable is used as a transmission line for radio frequency signals, in applications such as connecting radio transmitters and receivers with their antennas, computer network (Internet) connections, and distributing cable television signals.

Just one advantage of coax over other types of transmission line is that in an ideal coaxial cable the electromagnetic field carrying the signal exists only in the space between the inner and outer conductors. This allows coaxial cable runs to be installed next to metal objects such as gutters without the power losses that occur in other transmission lines, and provides protection of the signal from external electromagnetic interference.

Coaxial cable differs from other shielded cable used for carrying lower frequency signals such as audio signals, in that the dimensions of the cable are controlled to produce a repeatable and predictable conductor spacing needed to function efficiently as a radio frequency transmission line.

- Wikipedia 

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